Vista Las Palmas – A Great Place to Live. A Great Place to Give

Rick Distel


Discretely nestled west of the Palm Springs Uptown Design District and beyond the western border of Old Las Palmas, Vista Las Palmas is one of the most highly coveted neighborhoods in Palm Springs. An authentic SoCal suburban neighborhood, masterfully planned by the Alexander Company in the 1950s with homes designed by architects William Krisel and Charles DuBois. The avenues and circles of this community are protected by the stunning and striking vistas of Mt. San Jacinto, providing a “mountain front” feel. Many of the homes in Vista Las Palmas remain in the original families, passed down through generations. Mid-Century modern architecture fans consider Vista Las Palmas one of their favorite places to visit when in Palm Springs. The consistency of the architecture and the care given to sensitive restorations make the community shine.

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization – Neighbors helping neighbors

While Vista Las Palmas is not subject to a homeowner’s association (“HOA”), there is a neighborhood pride and affinity among its residents. Having lived in the community since 2012, my neighborhood circle consisting of 10 homes, feels like a family. We watch out for each other, chatting on group texts, checking each others’ homes when needed, unlocking doors for servicemen, and picking up and hiding holiday packages for each other. We went through Covid together – waving from windows and meeting in our driveways for some much-needed human interaction.
This little family is linked to each of the others in our neighborhood. We all come together under our neighborhood group – the Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization (VLPNO). The VLPNO is our direct communication link to the City of Palm Springs and our civic leaders and an organization that brings us together as neighbors.

Each year the VLPNO hosts a series of events and activities.

During Modernism week, we host the Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Home Tour. We have an Annual Holiday Pet Parade, which you can tell from the picture below is an absolute blast. Several smaller events occur each quarter, including get-togethers at local restaurants and our annual Membership Appreciation Dinner.

The VLPNO has become much more in recent years, as the Board and the members have decided to use our neighborhood for community good. Most of the funds raised through the VLPNO – from membership dues to ticket sales of the modernism tours and corporate sponsorships of our events (including TTK Represents!) – are donated back to the community through a variety of organizations. In 2022 donations from the VLPNO were given to various recipients, including; the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter ($5,000) and the LGBTQ Center of the Desert ($5,000). Additionally, in May 2022, the VLPNO hosted a fundraiser for the future Palm Springs AIDS Memorial. This event raised $70,000 (including a $10,000 gift from the VLPNO). In 2023 there will be more fundraisers and more charitable giving. It is so lovely to be part of a neighborhood that prioritizes caring for its residents and the entire Palm Springs community.
As part of the social media team for the organization, I like to end so many of our posts – as I will end this blog post – with this worthy hashtag: #VLPNOwhereelse.


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